analogue-digital cross-over

I use analogue and digital tools to create hand made art content. As a conceptual artist the idea comes first. None of my works are arbitrary.
Glitch art is a major factor of my imagery creation ever since.


Starting in 2014 I use my smart phone to manually create artistic images for the post production. Whilst working frame wise I create several hours long programs within one topic.
During live performances I manually animate pics with direct output from the smart phone to the projector.
I prefer to act with my hands and body to interact with image and sound rather than using VJ-software and curser.


In general I do multi-channel video projections as club visuals or as ambient pieces, for private venues, bars, clubs and festivals. A set come as a several hours long visual programs of ever changing imagery. These fixed installations may be combined with a live camera or live-vj-performances.


Rather than using rectangular screens I individually set up the space with projectors to interact with architectural elements. I do anti-mapping with the focus on light design to create ever changing moods. The distorted imagery is a result of this constant dialogue between the space and it's light.