Here you see projections that I did at outdoor locations.

lazyliu @ Nation of Gondwana 2017 Tags: 6 projections, dance

lazyliu @ Antamauna Space Lab Tags: 2-channel projection, dance

lazyliu @ Nation of Gondwana 2016 Tags: 6 projections, dance

lazyliu @ Never Mind The Schloss Tags: 1 projection ambient, 2-channel projection, livemix, dance

lazyliu @ Berlin DJ Night Jakarta Tags: 9 projections, livemix, dance/ambient

lazyliu @ Schlafende Baeume Tags: 1-channel projection, dance/ambient

lazyliu @ at.tension #6 Tags: 2-channel projection, ambient

lazyliu @ Nation of Gondwana 2015 Tags: 4x 1-channel projections, dance/ambient

700x700mbg @ Nation of Gondwana 2014 Tags: 1-channel projection, ambient

700x700mbg @ Fusion Festival 2014 Tags: 3-channel projection, ambient