I work topic wise and create each vj-set individually abase own footage.
With this selection you can enjoy the variety of footage I work with.
Some clips have sound, for demonstration purpose or from the live set, others are mute.
Please scroll down to get more results on your screen.

Toba Wetter | Sess201512 5n#021 498 screenshots of screenshots

Arenal | Sess201512 5n#026 1159 screenshots of screenshots

Apps | Sess201510 5n#001 458 screenshots of screenshots

Ellen Glitch | Sess201508#04 283 screenshots of screenshots

Civil Signs Rap1 | Sess201507#10 Manually animated screenshots

VJ-Ressortleitung | .xls-rap Manually animated xls-sheets

Snowden Glitch - Tanz den Snowden 2015 300 glitched versions of a press photo

VJ Das Nichts - Sess#31 2014 Sessions of screenshots of screenshots

700x700mbg 2014 Animated screenshots of a web gallery

kidsreturn 3 2014 An old Japanese VHS tape

kidsreturn 2 2014 An old Japanese VHS tape

vj_tanz 2013 - remix Sommer, part 2-2 2012 Continously mixed dance sessio

ns along with live dance

lazy_liu++NEWNOISE++part 1 ++ 2011 TV reception provided lovely glitches

lazy_liu++NEWNOISE++part 2 ++ 2011 Life mix of noise footage

lazy_liu++WASSER++ Stattbad 2010 VJ-battle for water

lazy_liu ++ airport-special ++ part 1 ++ Kiekebusch 2010 Life mix near the airport

lazy_liu ++ airport-special ++ part 2 ++ Kiekebusch 2010 Life mix near the airport