How it all began

Thanks for talking to me, it makes me forget the cold.
Tim at Fusion Festival 2018, 2 a.m.

Despite the incredibly hot festival summer 2018, the nights were remarkably cold with temperatures as low as 8 C. Hardly any festival visitors were equipped with appropriate clothes to meet these harsh outdoor conditions. Woollen knickers are out of fashion, down jackets seem useless having day time temperatures around 30 C. Not everybody brings a tent. Parties at night time are spectacular.
Shivering bodies are standard. Not only during the summer season. At cold winter nights a club outfit may not be a sufficient shell to spend long hours whilst queueing for a club. A hot tea may ease the pain easily.

What is Tea Mobile

The core concept of Tea Mobile is to provide hot tea as a free health service at outdoor festivals and around club queues. Tea Mobile is understood as a non-profit service. Tea Mobile is art, installation, performance and fun. Tea Mobile is healthy, affordable, flexible and sustainable.

Healthy - Tea Mobile comes as a health service. Serving hot tea to those in need provides a physical input that helps to regain good spirits and supports healthy conditions.

Affordable - Drinking at Tea Mobile is for free. As cold tab water is available throughout festival sites and in clubs, Tea Mobile simply introduces hot water with herbs. Tea Mobile is not part of the festival's or the club's catering segment and will not act competitive within that field.

Flexible - Tea Mobile is a movable device intended for flexible usage. During the outdoor season Tea Mobile will travel across festival sites, its camping sites, in between chill-out areas and along dance floors. In the winter season Tea Mobile will stroll along queues in front of clubs. - Tea Mobile works wherever it will be needed.

Sustainable - Tea Mobile follows principles of sustainability and low energy use. All necessary tea making facilities will be installed on a bicycle. All Tea Mobile fixings are recycled and reusable items. Recycled food jars will be used as cups, immaculately cleaned on site. Take-away service will be available on festival sites and requires a deposit for the jar. Drinking on the spot is available on all sites.

Running Tea Mobile

Tea Mobile is a simple concept, easy to run, easy to maintain, easy to gain attention and effortless to be supported by you.

Operating Hours - Tea Mobile is operated from dusk till dawn only. Its operating hours vary between 6 and 9 hours per night. The service of Tea Mobile corresponds to low temperatures during night time. Tea mobile travels across festival sites or strolls along queues in front of clubs whenever it will be needed.

Operating Devices - Tea Mobile's operating devices will be entirely provided by its creators. This includes the vehicle itself as well as all necessary tea making facilities including tea leaves and herbs. Depending on its capacity to serve customers Tea Mobile is available in 5 sizes:
tm*XS is a bag that contains a camping gas stove to boil water directly on the spot. tm*S is a folding bicycle that carries big Thermo flasks and jars. Water will be heated separately. tm*M is a bicycle that carries a samovar operated by charcoal in order to boil water directly on the spot. tm*L is a bicycle that carries a car battery to operate an electrical kettle for boiling water directly on the spot. tm*XL corresponds with tm*L, additionally visual and music entertainment is provided by means of a monitor and a sound system.

Operating Costs - Tea Mobile is understood as a non-profit service in line with organisations such as Eclipse, Safer Space, Awareness Team etc.. Tea Mobile will independently be operated by the Tea Mobile Crew. To cover its operating costs Tea Mobile requires some support on behalf of festival organisers and club owners.
The core operating costs of Tea Mobile comprise a small allowance for its crew members. Operating Tea Mobile on a festival site will require additional support to cover costs for its transportation, crew catering and free access to facilities like water and electricity. On site in Berlin Tea Mobile may organise its facilities independently from the club premises.
Tea Mobile's payment policy: It is our profound pleasure to serve your guests. You are welcome to pay us whatever you think will be appropriate in order to keep Tea Mobile running for you.

Win Win Win - Tea Mobile follows the principle of Win Win Win between three parties involved. The Tea Mobile crew is happy to serve tea for free. Its customers enjoy a hot cup to warm their bodies and bones. The club owners and festival organisers benefit from healthy and happy guests.

Who ist Tea Mobile

Tea Mobile is a project by conceptual artist Dorotea Etzler aka VJane lazyliu in collaboration with Seb Pingal aka DJ Brouillard

Both of us are comprehensive festival fans and techno addicts. We cherish the culture of free spirits and mindfulness, and the creation of temporary spaces within nature. As VJane and DJ we highly acknowledge good lights and good music. We love to dedicate our energy to supporting this kind of nightly entertainment and want to help it thrive by all our modest means.
And we love tea!

Support Tea Mobile

Please let us know whatever you can do for Tea Mobile!

We accept any kind of support, like donations, volunteers and contacts to further interesting people. Let us know what you think of Tea Mobile! We highly appreciate your feedback at any time.

Here we are:
Dorotea /Doreen (D/GB) mail or tel
Seb (F/GB) mail or tel

Get Tea Mobile?

You are a festival organiser or a club owner? You are interested in Tea Mobile? Wanna meet us crazy people? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We are pleased to answer all of your questions.

Here we are:
Dorotea /Doreen (D/GB) mail or tel
Seb (F/GB) mail or tel

Picture Gallery

Tea Mobile proudly presents its tm*S!