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As your HomeCoach I will provide comprehensive knowledge, vast expertise and an imaginative approach to your questions regarding living and working spaces.
I carefully analyse your individual needs and offer practical advice on how to optimze your space.
You are the focus of my work!


Home in Crisis

Do you encounter some sort of discomfort within your flat and would you like to introduce changes to your home?
Following a detailed analysis of your desires and needs I will provide practical suggestions and enable you to carry out the changes.

Wohnen mit Kindern

Living with Kids

It's lovely to live with children, but it can be very exhausting at times to share the home with them.
As your HomeCoach I analyse the needs of grown-ups and children accordingly. I will then provide a selection of solutions on how to obtain a practical and harmonious living environment.


Space Management

Do you have a lot of possessions within a limited space?
As an experienced space manager I can provide helpful and in-depth advice on how to organize and store your belongings.


Two Homes

Do you divide your time between two homes but fail to feel at home in either of them?
As your HomeCoach I will offer you practical advice and logistic support to obtain a relaxing environment in both homes.

Wohnen auf Zeit

Temporary Home

Have you been sent abroad on a temporary contract and live in accomodation provided by your employer?
As your HomeCoach I will provide suggestions on how to feel more at home in your temporary lodgings.


Home Office

Do you work from home and find it difficult to separate work and leisure?
As your HomeCoach I support you to organize your work and living enviroment in spacial and logistical terms.


Office Space

Don't you and your team feel comfortable any more within your office space? Would you like to introduce some changes?
As your HomeCoach I will analyse your needs and offer advice on how to individually optimize your office space.


Retail Shop

Would you like to get some fresh in-put for your retail shop?
As your Coach I will analyse your shop and offer individual suggestions in respect to space, structure and marketing.


Festive Illumination

Do you look for a special feature when planing an event for your shop, your office or any private space?
As a visual artist I offer creative illuminations that will supply your festive event with ever enchanting lights..
For more information feel free to visit www.festbeleuchtung.de


Communal Living

Living in communal structures may at times lead to certain crisis or disharmony.
As your HomeCoach I will provide suggestions in terms of space, structure and communication, so that all of you may enjoy again living together.

Communal Ownership

Being part of a group of owners you may need to decide upon matters that require professional knowledge.
As your HomeCoach I will analyse your planning and provide options on how to individually optimize your new home.


Buying Property

Do you plan to buy property in Germany and feel a bit helpless on what to do?
As your HomeCoach I will support you throughout the entire process in terms of communication and consultation.


Public Authorities

Are you overstrained to read technical drawnings and understand contracts?
As your HomeCoach I will explain your files and contracts to you and will handle the communication with German authorities.



My services come in three different package sizes. Thus you will have full control of the costs and pay exactly for what you will need during a certain stage.
* Instant-Coaching comes at € 60 and covers up to 60 min. of consultation. It takes place at a neutral office. Abase your stories we will be working along with sketches and imagination. Instant-Coaching is a highly effective method to supply you with new perspectives and practical ideas from an external point of view. Usually only one session will be sufficient.
** On-Site-Coaching is the perfect complementation of Instant-Coaching if you like to receive an additional consultation directly at your place. This service comes at € 200 and covers up to 3 hours of coaching. It is the best solution to include several rooms as an entity, to develop further ideas and immediately check it's feasibility on-site.
*** Intensive-Coaching is the best solution if you need somebody to handle your matters during a certain period of time. My services will be charged with € 60 /hour. Intensive-Coaching is most suitable when you require assistance in dealing with authorities, in cases of communal living or communal ownership or when you plan to buy property in Germany.

Über mich

About Me

As Your HomeCoach I offer empathetic consultation abase a strong architectural expertise along with highly skilled creativity and imagination.
Holding a Master Degree of Architecture (Technical University Berlin) I worked as an architect in Berlin and London in the fields of housing and refurbishment. Since 2009 I offer consultation sessions on homes and living. In 2011 I passed a 1-year qualification as trainer, coach and mediator.